Welcome! If you have just stumbled onto this website and have never been to an East Bay Circle of Men gathering of any kind, why did you click on this page?  You don’t even know whether you want  to join East Bay Circle of Men or not. You can’t make that decision by looking at our website.

Dude, trust me on this! You are just looking at a bunch of pixels on a computer monitor! You need to show up at a Saturday monthly meeting, or come to one of our community service projects, or get yourself invited to the Community Campout.


But if you’re still reading this, OK, here’s the deal:

Dues are $60/year.  Pro-rated quarterly. So if you join on April Fool’s Day (which, in my opinion, would be perfectly appropriate), your first year’s dues would be $45.

If it is a stretch for you to come up with the money, do NOT let that keep you from joining. Our policy is, we don’t turn anyone away for lack of funds. Nothing to be embarrassed about; it’s hard times. Call the Membership Chief and we will come up with a solution that works for you.

Beyond the money, there are what we call the Four Agreements:

  1. I will be on time to East Bay Circle of Men functions.
  2. I will attend or actively support and be represented at each East Bay Circle of Men Fall Event.  The Fall Event is our only “members only” gathering. You are expected to make every effort to attend. If that is truly impossible for you, we will work with you on ways to “support and be represented.” A big part of the Fall Event is the initiation of new members—a great process of us getting to know you and vice-versa. The Fall Event is always on the 2nd weekend of September.
  3. I will participate in at least one East Bay Circle of Men-related community service event per year.  There are many opportunities. Things like working with at risk teens at “Thunder Road”, helping to initiate young men into RIGHT manhood at “The young men’s ultimate weekend”, “Hear Me Out!” (the Poetry Project), Taste of the Bay, and Rebuilding Togeather and many more. Helping East Bay Circle of Men members move qualifies, or helping them fix up their own homes. Being on the production team for the Community Campout qualifies. In any case, the idea is for you to kick in some energy and time, bring something of yourself to the project, and work together with your East Bay Circle of Men brothers.
  4. New members will be on an East Bay Circle of Men team for at least three months.  Men’s teams are the bedrock of the East Bay Circle of Men. We have nine active teams at present. Our expectation is that in the first three months after you join East Bay Circle of Men, you will attend a team meeting once a week. That might mean spending three months with one team; spending a month each with three different teams; or going to a couple of meetings each with serveral different teams. It’s up to you. Are we going to monitor you closely to make sure you are fulfilling this agreement? Probably not. But know that it’s really for your benefit that we strongly suggest that you visit team meetings. If you’re joining the East Bay Circle of Men, something about this group grabbed you, man! That thing is most strongly present in East Bay Circle of Men teams.The objective is for you to get to know what a men’s team is in general, and to become aware of the distinctions among at least some of the teams. They’re all different. At the end of three months you will know if being on a team would likely bring value to your life. You may even find a team you want to join. It’s your job to seek out teams and find out how you can attend a meeting. You will receive a roster. The “Black Dot” (asterisk) denotes the Team Captain; call him first. Teams without a Black Dot, call any member of the team. Teams have different policies on having visitors; ask the Black Dot.

That’s about it. Every man who joins brings something unique to the group. You may not know what that is right now. But if you show up, you will change the East Bay Circle of Men. And the East Bay Circle of Men will change you.

There’s nothing else like it. That’s for sure.

JT (John Timothy)