What’s a Team Anyway?

Most of the members are on teams. Although this is not a requirement, teams are our primary means for supporting individuals, so we place strong emphasis on teams. We find that men tend to be pack animals and operate far more effectively in their lives when they are part of a team.

Teams typically have 5-8 members and meet weekly. Several of our teams have been together for more than 5 years, and some have been together for over 20 years.

For the most part, the teams purpose is to support men to be their best, on their own terms. Members assist one another and help each other meet their goals. They enjoy the camaraderie of their teammates and often participate in team and ebnom activities together. Teams are as varied as are the personalities of the men on them–some teams are more spiritual than others, some are oriented toward activity some are growth-oriented, etc.

Just as men benefit from being on teams, we find that teams benefit from involvement in a “team of teams” and they find this in ebnom. We have many activities designed to give individuals and teams a chance to play and work together. Teams operate autonomously–ebnom does not seek to govern teams.

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