We are a team of five guys who have been together for 8-9 years. Some of us guys go way back in the Nation of Men. Clayton & Garner – 25 yrs., Aerin – 19 yrs., Mark – 15 yrs., Bruce – 8 yrs.)

Spirit is our primary focus. One of the things we have in common is that we were all Spirit Chiefs of the men’s community. We show up and create ceremony and sacred space. We have all been leaders (Vision Keepers) of various EBCOM events.

Our team is intuitively based, we relay on our intuition, rhythm, creativity, love, and soul journey work. We are also interested in supporting young men in their passage into being men. We meet weekly and trade off team lead seasonally. Clayton, Mark and Bruce share art studio/ creative space where they occasionally have open studio events to showcase their work.

Within EBCOM

Garner: retired spirit chief, past community service chief, first crab feast fundraiser team for Thunderoad, Christmas in April leader (community building project), performer of many a baby blessings, family campout vision keeper “Magic Village”, holds space at many healing ceremonies, new storyteller, and passionate drummer. Garner is a designer and “red beaver” builder of awesome homes and spaces.

Aerin: led renovated park project with community and EBCOM in Richmond, Fall Event vision keeper “Men Healing Men”, family campout vision keeper, in charge of food for many events, created fall event initiation for new members with MV and AW.  He’s a recent papa of 2 little girls. Aerin is one of the best landscape designer in the entire SF bay area, nurseryman, and lecturer. He’s really just a green man.( )

Clayton: family campout vision keeper “Dessert First”, helped create first “Wildman”, carved the talking stick, wears a hat, collaborates creatively with Wagner as much as possible, loves being a grandpa, and he knows coyote (inside joke). Clayton is an awesome sculptor and too long of an art professor at Chabot College, Hayward CA ( )

Mark: vision keeper fall event “Seeing with Different Eyes”, inspired by EBCOM to create the nonprofit Drawing on Earth ( their first project set a Guinness World Record for the largest chalk drawing, the production team was primarily the East Bay Circle of Men. Family campout vision keeper, “The Gift,” Halloween party co-vision keeper,  and he knows Iktome (outside joke). Mark is a visual artist, digital and traditional, teacher, author, musician, dad, lover of circles, and a devoted ceremonialist. ( ).

Bruce: is the current spirit chief of the East Bay Circle of men. He is a smoking hot 3D motion graphic artist and internationally known world class drummer. He’s traveled all over the world as a master dive instructor and knows his coffee (Hawaii).  Fall Event vision keeper 2012. His latest passion is sailing and learning all the nuances that come with traveling the seas.