About the Pathfinders

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The Team

Thomas Olgas

Attorney. Occasional Professor. Frustrated Writer. Storyteller. Podcaster.

I try to manage the stress of a difficult profession so that I have enough focus and time for my family, and for the little things that keep my creative brain going. Thankfully, I have this team of men to give me a strong network of reliable relationships that keep me grounded, engaged, positive, and invested in something more than just my own little family bubble.

Ryan Oster

A realization that I had not progressed through all the rites of passage from a boy to a man is what initially attracted me to EBCoM. What has kept me coming back is seeing how real men take accountability, get out of their head and into their heart, and inspire others to become a better version of themselves. Pathfinders is a group of men seeking to equip ourselves with healthy masculine techniques to live by, to lead with and inspire others to foster.

Luke Haak

After a more nomadic earlier life in NORCAL I have settled in Oakland with my young daughter. In searching for fellow dads in the community, I discovered EBCOM. I enjoy the many things about the group. EBCOM provides me the opportunity to serve, to learn from other men, to listen and be heard, and a solid anchor from which to focus on becoming a better father, brother, friend, son and man of the community.

John Ligda

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Tom Taylor

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Mark Stone

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